Spray Tanning After Care

For best results, please follow the below procedure's after your spray tan session.

Immediately after your Tan (within the first 6 hours)

Your spray tan will take 5 hours to fully develop its full colour strength. Therefore please follow these guidelines ...
Loose fitting, dark clothing should be worn
Avoid touching all tanned areas with your hands
Traces of tanning solution can be transferred onto clothing & bed sheets, however, this can be easily removed in the wash
Do not wear tight fitting garments as this may rub away some of the tan
Do not shower, swim or exercise as excessive sweating may cause the tan to break down quicker & more unevenly
Do not sit on light coloured or leather fabrics as the tanning solution may cause discolouration


After the first 6 hours

You may take a shower or bath. You will notice a residue in the water. This is the guide colour washing away - not your tan.
Pat yourself dry rather than rubbing yourself dry.


With regular moisturising, your tan should last from 5–7 days, depending on your skin type, skin colour and the extent of your normal bathing routines. We reccomend using Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion to prolong the lenght of your tan.

After the 4th Day

To enhance and extend the life of your tan, then in addition to your daily moisturising, we strongly recommend full exfoliation on the 4th/5th day with either a top up tan or applying a tan extender any time after. For full exfoliation, we recommend using Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish as the best method for exfoliation. Once exfoliated then the use of Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion will keep your tan nicely topped up.